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We’re building an archive of Disney Loungefly Backpacks, making it easy for you to browse current and old backpacks. Find a backpack by your favorite character, movie, or theme! 

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Themes within the Disney universe. When you browse by collection, you’ll find:

About Our Disney Loungefly Bag Archive

We’ve built a library of Disney Loungefly bags! We’re slightly obsessed with these unique, well crafted, and collectable backpacks. As Disney enthusiasts, we love seeing what’s available and what’s being released. On dflybackpacks.com, we make it as easy to browse, filter, and sort through all the Disney Loungefly bags that have been made, starting with backpacks and eventually handbags, wallets, and more.

We’ve currently built the site to include categories to help your search adventure, such as:


Browse by Princesses: Do you have a favorite Disney Princesses? Love them all? Here you can find the bags that feature your favorite Disney Princess!

Browse by Character: We tagging all the characters that are represented on the bags, so if you’re a fan of Gus from Cinderella, you’ll be able to find the bag that has Gus!

Browse by Color: Probably the most obvious way to sort Disney Loungefly bags, color represents the primary color of each bag.

Browse by Features: Not all Disney Loungefly bags have the same features; some have ears, zipper flare, interior pockets, faux fur, and collaborations.

The best place to browse all Disney Loungefly bags is on our main backpack page. From there, you can filter and sort bags. We don’t actually sell any of these, but you will find affiliate links to Amazon and eBay. Since these bags tend to sell out and new ones are always being released, some might not be available on Amazon. In that case try the eBay links for more rare Loungefly bags.