Summertime 2024 Disney Parks Loungefly Backpacks

We’re back from the park for the 4th of July. We had a great time in a not too busy park for the holiday. I snapped a bunch of photos of some of the Disney Backpacks available at the Resort, World of Disney, and inside Disneyland. There were more than you’ll see here, but here are a good number of them!

Disneyland Resort Backpack

While exploring the Disneyland Hotel, I couldn’t resist snapping a photo of this magical Disneyland Resort Loungefly backpack. The front features a vibrant illustration of Sleeping Beauty Castle, capturing the iconic beauty and charm of the park. It’s the perfect way to carry a piece of Disneyland magic with you, making every day feel like a trip to the happiest place on Earth.

Disney resort 2024 Loungefly backpack with castle and fireworks

Disney Vacation Club Member Backpack

While not a Disney Vacation Club member, this exclusive Loungefly backpack caught my eye instantly. The sleek design with the Mickey silhouette and a castle really stands out. The teal and navy colors are so elegant, and the “Member” badge is a nice touch. It’s a great way to show off our DVC pride during our park adventures.

disney-parks-2024-vacation-club-member-loungefly with Mickey outline and castle in background


Macaroon Disney Parks Backpack

While wandering through the shops, I found this adorable Macaroon Disney Parks Loungefly backpack. The playful pattern of colorful macarons and Mickey and Minnie illustrations is just too cute. The pastel colors make it even more charming. This one definitely adds a sweet touch to any Disney outfit, and I just had to capture it on camera.

macaroon disney parks loungefly 2024

Beach Scene Mickey and Minnie Backpack

One of my favorites this trip has to be this beach scene backpack featuring Mickey and Minnie. The vibrant sunset, palm trees, and Mickey enjoying a tropical drink really make you feel like you’re on a beach vacation. It’s such a fun and relaxed design, perfect for reminiscing about sunny days and seaside adventures while at Disneyland.

Disney Parks beach scene 2024 loungefly

Classic Disney AOP Backpack

Seeing this Classic Disney All-Over Print (AOP) Loungefly backpack brought back so many memories. With Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy all over, it’s a delightful tribute to Disney’s classic characters. The cheerful design and bright colors are perfect for any Disney lover. I couldn’t resist taking a photo to capture the nostalgia it brings.

Classic aop print classic disney characters white loungefly backpack

Sequin Minnie Ears Backpack

These Sequin Minnie Ears Loungefly backpacks, in dazzling blue and rose gold, are absolutely eye-catching. The shimmering sequins and Minnie’s iconic ears and bow make them stand out. They’re perfect for adding a bit of sparkle to your Disney style. I snapped a photo of these because they really capture the fun and glitz of Minnie Mouse.

Blue and rose gold sequin loungefly minnie mouse backpacks

Polka Dot Minnie Mouse Backpack

This Polka Dot Minnie Mouse Loungefly backpack is a classic! With Minnie’s red bow and ears against a black and white polka dot background, it’s both playful and stylish. It’s a great tribute to Minnie’s timeless charm. I loved how it looked on the shelf and had to take a picture to share its chic and fun vibe.

minnie-mouse-poka-dot-2024 backpack

Darth Vader Backpack

For the Star Wars fans in the family, this Darth Vader Loungefly backpack was a must-see. The detailed design of Darth Vader’s mask and the sleek black color make it a standout piece. It’s perfect for showing off your love for the dark side while exploring the galaxy—or Disneyland. I snapped a shot of it because it’s such a cool and bold design.

Darth Vader loungefly 2024

Pirates of the Caribbean Backpack

We spotting this Pirates of the Caribbean Loungefly backpack as we exited the ride. It features the classic scene from the ride where the prisoners are trying to lure the dog holding the key. The detailed artwork really brings the iconic moment to life. It’s a fantastic piece for anyone who loves the adventurous spirit of Pirates of the Caribbean. I couldn’t resist taking a photo of it—it’s such a fun and nostalgic nod to one of our favorite rides.

Pirates ride dog and key - Disney Parks loungefly 2024

Mickey Donuts Backpack

During our stroll through the park, we came across this sweet Mickey Donuts Loungefly backpack. The playful design with Mickey-shaped donuts covered in pink frosting and sprinkles is simply irresistible. It’s perfect for adding a touch of whimsy and delicious fun to your Disney adventures. I had to snap a picture because it just looked so delightful and vibrant.


Mickey Ice Cream Backpack

I couldn’t help but smile when I saw this adorable Mickey Ice Cream Loungefly backpack. The soft pastel colors and the ice cream cone design, complete with Mickey’s face, make it a charming addition to any Disney fan’s collection. It’s like carrying a piece of summer magic with you, and I just had to capture its cuteness in a photo.

disney-parks-mickey-green-sweets-2024-disney-backpack ice cream

Dug from Up Backpack

As a big fan of Pixar’s Up, I was thrilled to find this Dug Loungefly backpack. The design is absolutely adorable, featuring Dug’s happy face with his signature tongue out and furry ears. It’s perfect for any dog lover or fan of the movie. This backpack brought a huge smile to my face, and I knew I had to take a picture to remember it.


Haunted Mansion Backpack

Exploring the Haunted Mansion shop, I found this spooky yet stylish Haunted Mansion Loungefly backpack. The dark colors and eerie details perfectly capture the essence of the ride. It features the iconic Haunted Mansion characters in a beautifully intricate design. This backpack is a must-have for any fan of the ghostly attraction, and I couldn’t resist photographing it.

A pair of disney-parks-haunted-mansion-2024-backpacks on a shelf

Carl from Up Backpack

One of the cutest finds was this Carl from Up Loungefly backpack. The design is spot-on, with Carl’s glasses and aviator helmet, making it look like he’s ready for another adventure. It’s a heartwarming reminder of the movie’s message about adventure and friendship. I took a photo to share this adorable and detailed backpack.

Carl from UP disney-parks-up-flight-2024-backpack group of backpacks on a rack

Vacation Club Member Map Backpack

For Disney Vacation Club members, this Loungefly backpack is a special treat. The design features a charming map of the vacation club resorts with a welcoming “Welcome Home” message. It’s a lovely way to show off your DVC pride and memories of your Disney trips. I took a picture because it felt so personal and inviting.


Mickey Castle Fireworks Backpack

This backpack featuring Mickey in front of a fireworks-lit castle is pure Disney magic. The vibrant colors and detailed castle design, complete with Tinker Bell, make it a standout piece. It captures the excitement and wonder of Disney’s nightly fireworks show. I couldn’t help but take a photo of this beautiful backpack.

disney-parks-castle-mickey-2024-backpack classic castle

Baby Groot Backpack

I was thrilled to spot this Baby Groot Loungefly backpack, especially with its cute design of Groot in his pot. The playful pattern and vibrant colors make it a fun accessory for any Guardians of the Galaxy fan. It’s adorable and captures Groot’s lovable character perfectly. This backpack was a definite photo-worthy find.

Groot 2024 disney parks loungefly backpack

Green Sequin Minnie Backpack

The sparkling green sequin Minnie Loungefly backpack is a dazzling sight. With its bright green bow and shimmering sequins, it’s perfect for adding some sparkle to your Disney style. It’s both fun and fashionable, capturing the playful spirit of Minnie Mouse. I had to take a picture of this stunning backpack.

Green and Blue sequin backpack loungefly Disney Parks 2024


Well that was a lot of fun. We spend two days celebrating my dad’s 70th birthday. Highlight of the trip was running into my son’s favorite Disney Live streamer, Koda Bear The Explorer. Always a good time at the park! Looking forward to going back and taking some more photos soon.

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