Aladdin Loungefly Backpacks

“Phenomenal cosmic powers, itty-bitty living space!” These Aladdin-themed Loungefly backpacks capture the enchanting spirit of Agrabah. Each piece tells a tale from Aladdin’s days, adorned with charming scenes we adore. Whether it’s the magic carpet ride or the unforgettable Genie’s lamp, these backpacks bring Agrabah’s heart to your front door.

Did you know that Robin Williams ad-libbed most of Genie’s lines, bringing his unique comedic genius to the character and making Genie truly one-of-a-kind? These backpacks are perfect for any Aladdin fan looking to add a touch of Agrabah magic to their style. In the world of Aladdin, style takes a magical flight to new heights. Experience the magic with this Aladdin collection and let your style journey begin.