Front view of the Queen of Hearts Scene Mini Backpack featuring the Queen and Alice painting roses

Queen of Hearts Scene Backpack


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Featuring Alice amidst the chaos of painting the roses red, this accessory captures the essence of Disney’s iconic villain.

Beware, subjects of Wonderland! The Queen of Hearts commands attention on this stunning mini backpack, ready to declare ‘Off with their heads!’ The vivid scene showcases the Queen’s fierce demeanor, ensuring all eyes are on her regal presence. With bold colors and playful details, this backpack brings the magic of Wonderland to life, making it a must-have for fans of the fantastical adventure. Step into the Queen’s court and let her watch over your belongings with style.

Crafted from high-quality vegan leather, the backpack boasts bold red, black, and yellow colors that echo the Queen’s iconic attire. The front scene showcases exquisite details, including embroidered roses and the lively garden scene, while the back boldly displays the Queen’s infamous catchphrase. The spacious interior, lined with whimsical card suit patterns, ensures you have plenty of room for all your essentials. With adjustable straps and sturdy zippers, this backpack is as functional as it is fabulous.

Why You’ll Love This Queen of Hearts Backpack

Perfect for any Disney fan or lover of classic villains, this Queen of Hearts Mini Backpack is a standout piece. Whether you’re heading to the parks or simply adding a touch of Wonderland to your day, this collectible backpack will surely spark joy and remind everyone of the Queen’s powerful presence. Stay in her good graces, and you’ll always rule your adventures!


Colors: Black, Red

Release Year: 2022