Loungefly Disney Yzma Villains Scene Mini Backpack featuring Yzma and Kuzko from The Emperor's New Groove

Yzma Villains Scene Backpack


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Unleash the chaos with the Loungefly Disney Yzma Villains Scene Mini Backpack, inspired by the hilariously wicked Emperor’s New Groove. On the front, Yzma glares menacingly in stunning applique detail, watching over Kuzko and Pacha as they narrowly escape her clutches. This captivating scene features Yzma’s furious pursuit, adding a touch of comedic villainy to your style.

Crafted from high-quality faux leather, this backpack showcases intricate details like an enamel zipper charm shaped as Yzma’s precious potion, complete with glitter accents. The rich purple and tan tones perfectly capture the essence of Yzma’s dramatic character. Adjustable straps and side pockets provide practicality, while the vivid design ensures you stand out in any crowd.

Dive deeper into the mischievous world of The Emperor’s New Groove with this playful design. Yzma, the villainous mastermind, is on a relentless quest to regain power, with her comical sidekick Kronk not far behind. Kuzko, the self-absorbed emperor-turned-llama, teams up with the kind-hearted Pacha to navigate the treacherous jungle, creating a memorable scene that’s both thrilling and humorous. On the back, Yzma’s transformation into a cunning cat adds an extra layer of whimsy, reminding fans of her unpredictable antics. This backpack not only captures these iconic moments but also brings the fun and adventure of the film into your everyday life.

Whether you’re heading to a Disney park or simply love flaunting your favorite villain, this backpack is the perfect accessory. The interior, adorned with playful thematic lining, keeps the adventure alive. Embrace your inner mischief-maker and add this delightful piece to your collection, celebrating one of Disney’s most iconic villains.


Characters: Kronk, Kuzko, Yzma

Collection: Disney Favorites

Colors: Black, Purple

Features: Front Zipper

Release Year: 2024